Thursday, October 26, 2017

4 Paragraphs

Article 1: AccuWeather was sharing its users data with a third party. AccuWeather should be more clear when asking the question able sharing locations. They are not telling people that a third party is involved in the laction sharing.

Article 2: For 1000 dollars anyone can buy an online ad to track your location. People could learn where you are going to coffee, a burglar can establish a sham company to find when you leave your house and a suspicious employer can see if your shopping during work. Individuals who purchased ads can see the type of apps you are using.

Article 3: You can track people on all different types of apps, Apple, Google, Facebook and Snapchat. When location is being shared it drains battery more than usual. Location tracking raises numerous privacy concerns about who can swoop into your whereabouts.

Paragraph 4: How can people get your location by putting ads online?

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Microchips in Humans

3 Positives:
  1. Identification - ID’s, passports
  2. No more body mix-ups - 28,000 babies get mixed up in hospitals every year.
  3. Child Abductions - less child abductions because parents will always be able to track their child's location

I don’t feel this is a good idea, you are taking away the freedom of these people and leaving them able to be hacked. They lose their freedoms by always being able to be tracked and always having an eye on them almost like you don't trust them. You don’t know what other people will be able to access in your microchip, they could access thoughts, ID, credit cards, important information and private information.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Tech Spotlight

PlayStation 4
What does the device look like?
  • A rectangular prism, colored black that lights up when turned on

What kind of data does is accept?
  • Storage for video games and the games themselves, they are downloaded onto the game system

How does it process that data?
  • It takes the game and plays it through your tv/monitor and you can control what happens by pressing buttons on your controller

What is the result of that processing
  • An online game that you can play with your friends, watch netflix, stream or make content

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Everyday Algoritims

Leaving the House on a Snowy Day

  1. Look out the window
  2. If it is snowing outside
  3.       Put on a warm coat
  4.       Put on warm pants
  5.       Put on snow boots
  6. If it is snowing with a mix of rain
  7.       Wear a waterproof jacket
  8.       Put on your hoodie
  9.       Wear rain boots
  10. Go outside